Monday, October 4, 2010

This is just too good not to share. Again.

I used to blog on Xanga.  Back in the day.  You know.  Like, two years ago.  And I just discovered yesterday that my blog has not been deleted!  I just assumed when it was inactive for so long that it would disappear.  But there it is!  And now I really want to figure out how to save it and turn it into a book to preserve all those stories.  Precious stories- like the one about Jack's first day of Kindergarten when Ben and I were both depressed and I wept and kept the whole house dark for days.  Or the time when Ben was 2 and dressed in cowboy boots (at least 3 sizes too big), a very battered (read: beloved) cowboy hat, and a tea towel tied around his neck for a superman cape.  As we got out of the car I asked him, "Are you a cowboy or a superhero today?"  He replied, very seriously:  "I a pirate."

And then there's this video.  I thought this video was long lost, but I found it on this old blog!  And since there is no other record of it, I just used my flip to video the video!  Ben is probably about 3ish.  It's only 20 seconds and it's worth a watch!

And if anyone has any ideas about saving my Xanga blog, I'm all ears.


Sohailah said...

Oh. My. Word. Too, too precious! I like the way he moves his mouth to enunciate. :)

Deena / TEAM MARQUIS said...

So cute!!! I can't wait to turn our blog into a book some day. Please share tips if you have any advice - I know you wrote about it, but I haven't looked into it yet. Have a great Tuesday!

Heidi Jo said...

no ideas. but i LOVE your family shot in the header....and this blog's looking snazzy as can be!

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