Monday, October 25, 2010

4th Birthday... 1st Birthday Party!!!

Avé and I are sharing a birthday- (you can read about how that came to be here)- and sadly, she's kinda disgusted about it.  "Why me share my birfday?  Why Jack and Ben no share their birfday?"  Such a woman.  Choosing to share my birthday with her made more sense than just randomly picking a date in the fall, but I did, for a moment, consider letting her have her own date after she kicked up a fuss.  (See- we haven't finished our re-adoption here in the states which means we can make both her name and her birthday whatever we want them to be at this point.  I have GOT to get started on that paperwork!!!)  But when I mentioned to Mick about giving her her own birthday he said, "You've already let her change her name.  Don'tcha think that's enough power for a 3 year old???"  True enough.  So, we share.

But Saturday we celebrated HER and only HER!  We kept it small.  I've noticed that in situations that feel a little out of control to her she tends to withdraw and wig out a little.  And wigging out for her involves telling me "NO!" a lot and that's super irritating.  So in order to avoid being annoyed w/ my daughter on her special day, we kept it small and simple.

I think I'll just let the photos tell the rest of the story:

First... we had to make cupcakes.

One of the MAIN reasons for making cupcakes
is so that you can lick the beaters!  

Then just before bedtime a last minute decoration:
Hello Kitty lipgloss rings get shoved into all the cupcakes.  

And then the next morning...
your heart stops just because she is so beautiful.

She loves her new PINK cowboys boots, natch!

We made tu-tus for each girl- and Avé had to wear hers
even over her pretty party dress!

Auntie Kelly and Annie (or as Avé calls her "AY-nee")
making a crown and a necklace.

Kelly and Ellie making a crown.

Ana and Essenney making a... what else?
Every princess needs a tu-tu and a crown.

Princess Sakari

Princess Avé

Princess Ellie

Princess Essenney 

The Princesses chat over popcorn.

More Princess chat.

All the Princesses and (of course!) their Queens!

First Birthday Candles...

First time blowing out the candles!

The sweetest Princess EVER.


Double Adore.

Precious friends gathered to shower her with
their love and their gifts and their prayers.  

Oh!  My heart...

And what do Princesses want to do after they have made
crowns and jewelry and tu-tus and  have a sugar rush to burn off???
They want to JUMP!


And on a rainy day that is also a
Princesses are allowed to do whatever they want.  
It was perfect.


Kimberlie said...

I just love that you gave her your birthday and some day, when she's older, she's going to love and appreciate it too. That's a truly wonderful gift!

The princess party looked like lot's of fun, especially the jumping on the bed part. ;)

Sohailah said...

Good words, Mick!

Perfect party, Mama!

Love these pics!

Love YOU!

Becky said...

Mick is so right, and she will love that when she gets older.

I usually read the posts from facebook link and have not come to the actual page for awhile. I don't know how long your blog picture has been changed but I love, love, love the family photo at the top. I hope that is a christmas card this year so I can hang it on my fridge.

Kate said...

so fun! you make me want to have a girl :)


Deena / TEAM MARQUIS said...

SUPER CUTE! What a fun party. It looks perfect. You made it just right for your little princess. And of course...Ave' is adorable.
Love the tutus too! What a special day for the two of you to share -

A Real Good Friend said...

DE-lightful! I so LOVED seeing these pictures...and wish I could have been there in person to craft and don my OWN tu-tu!

IT only gets better GAYLA! Avé will indeed, grow to LOVE sharing birthdays--you will always have an excuse to take girls' weekends away, sneak an exclusive lunch together and shop for meaningful treats to swap with each other in the name of Celebrating! I love you and your precious Mini-Gayla!

Deepest Joy and Laughter to you BOTH!

Lindsey said...

AH! Absolutely adore that girl and her Queen Mother! :)

Karenkool said...

Five little monkeys jumping on the bed...

adorable. And I missed that story about picking her birthdate and the xrays. Very cool.

Happy birthday Ave and Happy birthday MAMA!

Selam! G'day! Hello!