Saturday, October 23, 2010

Best. Day. Ever.

Birthday party for Avé in the morning
 Her first viewing of The Sound of Music in the afternoon

Avé doesn't like to watch TV or movies, but she does like to listen to music.  So to buy myself some down time this afternoon after her sweet party I told her that we were going to watch a movie together, but it was a movie that had lots of singing and dancing and kids in it.

And from the opening scene, she was hooked.

Julie Andrews came through the mountain meadow with her arms outstretched rejoicing in the fact that the hills are alive, and Avé turned to me and said very seriously, "Mommy.  Who that girl?"  I said, "Her name is Maria" to which she replied, "I like that girl."  And then she snuggled into me, eyes glued to the screen...

...and I wept.



Because I couldn't believe how beautiful it was to share this movie with her.

Because I couldn't believe how much she loved it right from the start.

Because never in my wildest dreams did I imagine how beautiful it would be to share a love for this movie with a daughter.

Because I realized that God really does love the TWO of us that much... 
that He would see a little girl in need of a second family... 
and and would see that she could love The Sound of Music... 
and He would put us together.   

Just because He's that great.  


Jenny said...

How beautiful!!! Love it!

Justine said...

Happy tears! That is just beautiful!

Deena / TEAM MARQUIS said...

LOVE IT!!!!! I love that movie too! Now I will have to show it to Grace to see if she loves it too :) She better if she is going to be BFFs with Ave'!
Can't wait to hear about the birthday party...

Sohailah said...

aaaaayyyyyy - men.

Nicole Huffman said...

Beautiful- tears- love it!!

Selam! G'day! Hello!