Friday, October 1, 2010

First Day(s) of School

Did that title confuse you?  Did you think maybe my kids went to a school that started today- the first day of October?  Did you think that maybe I home schooled and therefore could start whenever I wanted?  OR... did you think, "Crikey*, Gayla.  Really? You are just now getting around to this???"

*had to throw that "crikey" in for my husband (and now my sons!) who say it all the time.  it's one of the many absurd yet adorable Aussie sayings that are thrown around my house.  and... it's fun to say. 

Yes, it's overdue.  But I've gotta get these pix on here and these events recorded so that when I publish Volume 2 of this blog they will be recorded for posterity's sake!  So here goes.  Tune out if you need to.

These brothers really love each other.
And this mommy really loves that.
These are my sons.  If they look unfamiliar to you, that's because there is ONE star of this blog and we all know who she is.  And lucky for all of us her brothers are extremely laid back individuals who don't mind letting her be the star- not just on my blog but in our home, at our church, at their school... pretty much everywhere she goes.  ;-)  When Becky was here a few weeks ago she made some really nice remarks about my boys.  One that really stood out to me was that they are not attention seeking.  And I had never really put it in those terms before.  But that is true- they aren't shy, but neither are they overly forward.  They are easy to be around for that reason.  They are very close to each other- I mean, they have been sleeping in the same (twin!) bed together for a year and a 1/2 now.  Not because they have to, but because they WANT to.  I love that.

First Grader!
This is Ben.  He's 7 and in the 1st grade and I think he has worn that exact pair of shorts EVERY day of first grade so far!!!  Seriously.  I just now realized it when I saw this pic.  I have GOT to get that boy some more cargo shorts.  Oh, never mind.  It will be winter soon and maybe by Spring he can just wear some of Jack's old ones.  And he won't mind.  At all.  Really.  He is a great boy. Very much HIMSELF.  He's a very sweet boy now, but from about the age of 18 months until, oh, about 5 and 1/2 he was a PILL.  (and not in a funny way.   more in an Alanis Morrisette "jagged little pill" kind of way.)  But now we have so many crazy stories about him that he loves to hear over and over.  Like when he told us he didn't like God just to tick off Jack.  (and it worked.)  Or when he had a rubber ball in his mouth and I freaked out and told him to spit it out or he was gonna choke and he did, but told me in a completely deadpan voice, "Me wanna go to Heaven."  As if THAT was why he had the ball in his mouth.   I just looked at him and deadpanned back, "I said you were gonna choke.  I didn't say you were gonna die."  Yep.  My kids got the right Mamma, alright.  ;-)
Big 4th Grader!
This is Jack, my firstborn.  He's a truly good person.  Not just a good kid- he's a good person.  Know what I mean?  He just doesn't have a mean or angry or hurtful bone in his body.  He's just truly good.  He sees the best in everyone.  Last year he came home after school all excited because one of his good friends had been elected Class President.  Later I found out that Jack only lost that election by ONE vote.  And when I asked him who he voted for?  His good friend who won.  And I don't think he even bothered to put 2+2 together to see that if he had voted for himself... But that is who he is.  He would never think of voting for himself.  It would honestly never even occur to him.  He is a lovely person.  He says things out of the clear blue sky like, "Mom, I'm really glad you are my mom."  Or, "Mom, I'm really thankful that God made all the trees so beautiful in the fall."  (that was a few years ago and that's also when Ben replied, "Me no like God"- but like I said.  Ben has grown a lot since then.  ;-)

Love these "walking into school" shots.
Avé was NOT happy that her brothers were going back to school.  Not. Happy. At. ALL.  But lucky for her she started pre-school the next week.  Now, before we brought her home I NEVER would have thought that she would be ready to start pre-school this fall.  But that was back when we thought she was shy and reserved and very, very sad.  But ready she is and so off we went!
Yes, she chose to wear the Hello Kitty ears on the
first day of school.  Her choice!
And she loves it!  On the first day I took her to her room, made sure she knew where the potty was, showed her some puzzles that were set out for the kids to play with when they arrived... and she sat down at the table and said, "Okay, Mom.  You go house now."  ...and started doing puzzles.  And I went to my car and shed a tear.  I mean... I'm proud of her.  I love her spirit and independence and bravery... but still.  But it did make me laugh b/c I remember my mom telling the story of my first day of kindergarten- and it went almost exactly like Avé's first day of pre-school!  Like I said- my kids all got the right Mamma!!!!
I mean... PLEASE!!!!
She wore (along w/ the Hello Kitty ears) her Africa shirt w/ a button where Ethiopia is.  And PEOPLE!  She wore a tu-tu!  And leggings! And suede shoes with flowers on them!  Girls are ridiculously fun to dress!!!!!!!!
dropping off at school
I am not a fan of cartoon-centered clothing.  I feel like if Harry Potter or Iron Man want my kids to advertise for them, then those companies should pay ME to let my kids wear their products. So none of that in my house! (Star Wars = total exception. I ((heart)) Star Wars so my boys are allowed to wear that gear.  NOT stuff from the Prequels.  Oh no.)  But... there's something about Hello Kitty that feels different to me!  Maybe it's because she's not a cartoon (that I know of... and don't burst my bubble if I'm wrong!).  Or maybe it's because of that hilarious page in Jon Stewart's book, America.  The Book. where everyone in Japan (including the Prime Minister) has a Hello Kitty head and that made me laugh out loud for days.  I don't know.  She's just this sweet little cat and I love her.  And so does Avé.  So I allow her to live in my house.  But anything by Disney?  You have GOT to be kidding me.

Well, that paragraph was a bit of a tangent, wasn't it?  

But there we have it.  Pictures of kids who have all been in school for 6 weeks now.  But I'm glad I finally got them on here.  Except that I just remembered I haven't put anything about Ben's birthday party on here.  And that was in August.  Before school even started.  

Oh, crikey.


Deena / TEAM MARQUIS said...

Oh my goodness! You are so funny...I am laughing out loud. We are so much alike!
First of all, our little Grace is so ready to go to preschool and I NEVER would have thought she would be ready to go. I am holding out until second semester (she has only been home three months!). I also HATE character clothing! Too funny...the only character shirt we have is a vintage (looking) Star Wars shirt for my 7 year old - my 7 year old who has worn shorts to school every day so far!!! (and we live in Wisconsin where it can be pretty cold in the morning). I did make an exception to the character thing today because Target had Princess Tiana socks in the "dollar area" and Grace loves socks (and I am just so excited that there is an AA princess now). OK...enough said, but I also need to tell you that you must be a great mom. That is why your boys are so sweet. And let's face it, only a sweet mom would let her little girl wear cat ears to the first day of school :) Way to go!

Mark and Heidi said...

Absolutely adorable post! I love getting a glimpse of your boys and your love for them made me tear up a little. Preschool already -- Gobez Ave! She is amazing. Truely! I am so glad she isn't the shy, sad little girl she looked like in her referral photos!!! And, yep, your kids got the right Momma. If that isn't proof of God's existence I don't know what is!

Sohailah said...

Your kids GOT THE PERFECT MAMMA! Can't wait to meet your darling daughter, but I think you describe your boys so well. I LOVED having them in DC back in March... Dang! I have pictures for you on my camera from back in March.

Loved this post!

Love YOU!

and GREAT family pic!

Selam! G'day! Hello!