Monday, October 18, 2010


I love the bloggy world.  I love "meeting" new people and getting to share in and learn from their lives!  The adoption-blogger world is one of the best and most supportive I could ever imagine.  Whether it was the paperwork or the waiting or the day we each got our referrals... we have all been there for each other!  My new bloggy friend Deena has been so fun to get to know.  Her adorable daughter Grace MUST be Avé's twin separated at birth!  These girls are beautiful little fashion divas in the making and although Deena lives in WI, we simply MUST find a way to get these girls together someday!

Today Deena tagged me to fill out some questions about... ME.  And then I get to Tag others!  So... Jamey, Lindsey, and Kaysie- get ready!    Well... after reading mine, I guess.

What would your dream job be?
Easy. My dream job would be to be a big time voice actor.  I do a bit of this now (pretty small time- commercials, children's instructional CD's, even a few political ads for local politicians- I did a voice over for World Vision once!) and have even voiced a cartoon character in the video version of Max Lucado's "You Are Special."  But my dream job would be to get a big time gig- like the voice of Cit*bank or V*sa.  That way I would have steady (easy) work that I could record in my own studio and send in!  Being a D*sney voice would be fun too, and of course my kids would love that.  But those other jobs would be on-going and pay really well too!  So, why am I not pursuing this, you ask?  Well, I used to have my own little home studio set up here in my house where I could daily audition for voice gigs online... but adding my precious little girl to our lives has made room in our sweet little house hard to come by.  My studio turned into her bedroom and I haven't done much from home since.  Luckily I still get work in other studios.  It's all thanks to my Dad- I was lucky enough to inherit good voice genes from him.  :-)

Where would you like to live?
I lived in Indonesia for two years (teaching 3rd grade), and I have to say it's pretty close to paradise!  Tropical, beaches, beautiful deep blue coves, wonderful people, volcanoes to hike, (burned my foot in a volcano once... story for another time...), I'm sure it didn't hurt that I had a maid the whole time I lived there...  I like being where I am now b/c I am surrounded by such great friends, but if they would all move with me to Indonesia, I think we would all leave tomorrow!

In what century would you like to live?
I'm with Deena.  THIS century only.  I would be a terrible pioneer woman! (no offense to the famous blogger of that name)  I LOVE history.  I love to read about it, watch documentaries about it, go to museums and learn about it, think about and ponder it... I LOVE history!  But to LIVE it??? Oh, no.  Those people all needed deodorant and a toothbrush.  Give me modernity or give me death!

What would be your last meal?
I once went to one of those restaurants where you can cook your steak at your table on a hot stone (it was in Indonesia- maybe it wasn't ever a "thing" here?), and that steak was literally amazing.  I mean, it melted in my mouth.  I need you all to know that I am really trying hard not to start making sexual references to describe how great this steak was, but- yeah.  It was at THAT level.  Unreal.  So I'll have THAT steak again, please.  And a big, wonderful cream puff for dessert. (um, that sounds like a sexual reference, but it's not.) (i probably just lost all my readers, didn't i?)  A cream puff made by my friend Jewel who always makes them for my birthday.  'Cause she's wonderful like that.  But not as wonderful as that steak...

Why did you start this blog?
I started blogging b/c I love the creative outlet of writing.  I've never considered myself a great writer, but that's not really the point to blogging.  I love being able to share my life and make new friends and get advice... Parenting can sometimes be very isolating.  And blogging helps relieve some of that.  And this specific blog has documented our adoption journey- and I love that I can store these memories FOREVER by turning this blog into a book.  More info on that here.   Plus I LOVE all the bloggy friends I have made- they have added so much to my life!

Favorite piece of clothing?
Um... do yoga pants count?  If not, then I would have to go with THESE:
Because they are HOT.

Favorite film?
Just one???  Impossible.  Top 3:
1.  The Sound of Music
2.  Braveheart
3.  Star Wars (original Trilogy - NOT prequels!!!)

Seems like a random selection, but actually all these movies have a theme in common: the longed for, but unexpected adventure that falls upon you and ends up being the thing that MAKES your life. Oh, and angst.  Love me some angst.  I'm being totally serious.

What would you like to do before you turn 100?
There are lots of things I want to do:  travel more, raise my children to be good people who follow Jesus.  I want to learn more.  I love knowledge and I want to be a constant learner in this life.  I could list lots and lots more under this heading, but really, there is just one thing that I MUST do before I die.

There is a conversation that I need to have with a person who probably needs to have this same conversation with me.  And I hope that sometime in this lifetime we get to have that conversation.  I've tried... and it just led to more questions.  I guess now is not the time...  But sometime... we'll sort it all out.  Maybe.  I hope...  I really hope... 


Juli Mize said...

Hey Gayla, ORM is always looking for voice talent, you should submit some of your stuff! Message me if you're interested. :)

Sohailah said...

love this but.... I TAGGED you last week - hmmm. my questions weren't good enough?...

Sohailah said...


Deena / TEAM MARQUIS said...

Love it! Now I just need to hear your voice some day to appreciate it!
I want to change my answer to the last question now. How could I forget the one thing that haunts me daily? I also long to have a meeting/conversation with someone very important to our family.
Loved getting to know you better!
Maybe the we can take the girls to Indonesia istead of Chicago...

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