Tuesday, November 9, 2010

You ASKED! and I'll answer eventually...

I loved the questions that popped up when I asked what YOU wanted to read on here.  And if you haven't chimed in yet, feel free!  Just jot a note in the comments letting me know something that you are curious about or just a random question you would like to have answered or a topic you would like to see covered.  So far, here's what I'm working on as per your requests:

1.  How did Mick and I meet?  (several requests for this one...)
2.  "A Day in the Life"  (although this one might bore you to death depending on the day!)
3.  Would we ever consider adopting again?
4.  Reactions from others when we are out as a transracial family

and others I am working on...

5.  Grieving - want to be sensitive to Avé's story on this, but want to share about what we have been going through as well.  Still figuring out how to do this... 
6.  Sibling adjustment (so far)
7.  Writing an Adoption Lifebook
8.  More about reading blogs from adult adoptees
9.  My opinion on the "colorblind" issue

I know, I know... pins and needles, right???

I'm gonna start working my way through these, but I'm gonna need more input!  So... give me a topic or ask me some questions!  This NaBloPoMo thing isn't going to write itself!!!


Courtney said...

Hi Gayla! Love your blog. My husband and I are just starting the adoption process for Ethiopia, and Ave's sweet little grin always makes me smile and reminds me to keep hoping and waiting even when the process is frustrating!

Christie said...

Gayla, I'm really looking forward to your blogs on these topics! Especially to questions #4 and #9. I can't wait to read about your expereinces and thoughts with these issues.

Heidi said...

I am super impressed that you are tackeling NaBloPoMo! Looking forward to #5 topic especially. We haven't gotten there in an obvious way yet but I sense it coming...

Also loved hearing your voices on that last post! I vote for more video clips!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear you anwsers!! All really good questions so far!!


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