Monday, November 15, 2010

A Podcast and a Promise

Guess what?  Two friends and I are starting a podcast!  My friends Kaysie and Kelly and I decided we needed a creative outlet and also wanted a forum to discuss mommy / parenting / marriage / women issues, so we decided that we would get together and host these conversations.  We are interested in creating a community where women can:
Share stories
        Laugh a little
Ask questions
        Get answers
Debate ideas
        Be inspired
Inspire others
Identify w/ others in same season of life
and most of all, learn that we are not alone!

We recorded our first episode last night and had a blast doing it!  It will be ready for listening enjoyment sometime soon.   We are calling it "Three Moms and a Podcast" and soon we will be on iTunes ready for downloading, and we will soon have a Facebook Group for people to join as well where they can write in their questions and participate in discussions.  I'll let you know when it is up and running.  Tune in and let me know what you think!

The MOMS from "Three Moms and a Podcast"
Kelly, Kaysie, and Gayla
And now for the promise.  Several of you have asked to hear the story of how Mick and I met, and so tomorrow you will be able to read that story.  Well, Part 1 of that story anyway.  I found that in order to put it in proper context I needed to tell a few other stories as well.  I PROMISE you won't be bored!


Deena / TEAM MARQUIS said...

Which "season of life" would that be??? :) :)
Today I feel like it is the crazy season...Grace and I are hanging at home and trying to get out from under our chaos!
I can't wait to hear your podcast. Sounds like a super fun project for you and your girlfriends!
Also looking forward to your story tomorrow :)

A Real Good Friend said...

This is BEYOND awesome. It is Awesome to Infinity! Can't wait to tune in! AND looking forward to your Mick Story. Hoping it is laced with "Man From Snowy River" themes!

Hey Coach John said...

Hey Gayla,

It's John Chasteen, how are you doing? Fine I trust.

Ran across your blog and was blessed to read and find out all you are doing. I too am a blogger, you can check mine out at Becky and I are in OKC, I serve as a professor at a Christian university.

I forwarded your site to the kids, I'm sure Amy will love your new podcast.

Stay in touch,


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