Friday, November 5, 2010

A Mac for Mick

I know what I'm getting my husband for Christmas.

An iPad.

Now, if you don't know my husband you probably just thought, "Oh, okay. That's nice."  But if you do know my husband you probably just thought, "Whaaaa???  That is ridiculous!!!  You're just buying that for YOURSELF, Gayla!!!"  Because Mick is probably the LEAST tech-savvy person you have ever met in your life.  Really.  His phone doesn't take pictures and he has never sent a text message.  And doesn't plan on it.  He can email, but if he has to send an attachment I have to show him how to do it every. single. time.

So why would I buy him an iPad?  There are a few good reasons.
1.  His desktop computer is a dinosaur and sooooooooooooooo ridiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiculously sloooooooooooow that it makes me want to scream.
2.   I don't want to spend the money to buy him another desktop nor a laptop right now.
3.   I'm tired of him wanting to borrow my macbook all the time.

If I buy him an iPad he can spend hours looking up all the things he likes to look up on the internet every night.  Things like green building techniques, rammed earth houses, solar heating, water conservation, and how to build your own canoe out of a solid pine log.

Yes, I am married to the Australian Grizzly Adams.  We are, as the Aussies say, "Chalk and Cheese," which means that we are total opposites.  There are honestly times when we look at each other and say, "How on earth did we end up together?"  But together we are.  And if the apocalypse ever happens, all you need to do is get yourself out to our land in Skiatook and Mick will have us all taken care of.  He'll be growing our vegetables and hunting deer, building everyone cabins out of dirt and putting up windmills to get water out of the ground.  I'm not even joking.

But he won't be looking up more information on how to do those things on my macbook.  Not after Christmas, anyway.  ;-)


Sohailah said...

That's EXACTLY what I thought, and now I EXACTLY get it... and he obviously doesn't read your blog. Funny. :)

Love you!

Jamey... said...

If I move into your house what can I have for Christmas? And if there's ever an apocalypse you can expect to see me and my ragtag family stumbling your way. Are you stockpiling the vodka yet?

Karenkool said...

I like Jamey's style.

You and Mick fit perfectly! Its so funny to me.

Anonymous said...

I just bought an Ipad and totally LOVE it!! GREAT gift!! I put all my Ethiopia pictues on it, and it is so cool to watch the slide show!!


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