Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dedication Day

Avé was dedicated at BC today.  Out of the 4 kids dedicated in our service, 3 of them were adopted!  Pretty special.  Especially considering it is Orphan Sunday AND National Adoption Month.

My happy little flower.

Somebody LOOOOOVES her Auntie Kelly!

I could tell Kelly was asking Avé if she wanted to let ME hold her...
and I could tell she was saying, "Ummm... No."  ;-)

Auntie Kelly and Uncle Gyle- so special to us!!!

And so great that we got to be dedicated at the
same time as the Bucks- a family we ADORE!

Pastor Rog even got her to say her name into the microphone.
Now, how many kids do THAT on their Dedication Day?  ;-)

My church family praying for my sweet girl.

Does this one really need a caption???  ;-)

Closest we have to a family photo from today.  
A sweet and happy day.


Kimberlie said...

OK, that picture of your boys? That would be my boys too. Gotta love it!!!

Many blessings on this wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Love..Love..Love .. The boys picture!! What a BEAUTIFUL day!! VERY SPECIAL!!!


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