Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Book Character Day

...also known as the school's excuse to let the kids dress up but keep it educational.  ;-)

So last Friday my boys dressed as Brian Robeson- the boy in the wonderful book Hatchet.  (if your kids haven't read it- get it!  they will love it.  especially boys.)  I've never created an easier costume.  Wear your regular clothes- something you would wear outdoors- and I'll just make a hatchet from cardboard and aluminum foil.  Yeah!!!


So for all these years I've been dressing Cowboys, Dinosaurs, Dragons, Zombies, Bats, Aboriginals, Punk Rockers, Super Heros, Dogs, and other random scary beasts and monsters... and then THIS YEAR!!!!  This year I have a GIRL to dress!!!  So! Fun!

Avé didn't have Book Character Day, she just had a straight up Halloween party at her school.

And she decided to go as.... SPIDERMAN!!!  Can you believe it???  My first year w/ a daughter and she just wants to be one of the boys.  Oh, well.  She sure is an adorable Spidey!!!!  I even tried to pitch Spidergirl or Spiderlady or Spiderwoman... NOPE.  She was having none of it.  A little sparkley spider web drawn on her face?  NO.  Just Spiderman.  

She was determined to get that Spidey finger move down, wasn't she?  

I think it just reflects that she really loves, admires and respects her brothers and wants THEIR approval over anyone else.  

So... maybe next year I'll get her to be Fraulein Maria.  ;-)  


Sohailah said...

She is TOO cute! I see a Fraulein in her future... definitely

Deena / TEAM MARQUIS said...

So funny! Like I said, you are a WAY nicer mom than I am!!!! She did rock the Spidey costume though :)

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud literally!!! I thought for sure she would be some over dressed Disney Princess!! She was the best spiderman I have ever seen! Too cute!!


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