Sunday, November 28, 2010

Podcast is UP!

The "Three Moms and a Podcast" podcast (hmmm... I sound like Lady Redundant Woman...) is ready for downloading!  You can listen in a couple of ways.

You could go HERE - that will take you directly to the podcast on our hosting site and you can listen on your computer.  Or you can go to iTunes and do a search for us (you'll have to scroll down a bit b/c music comes up on top... podcasts further down the page) and from there you can even SUBSCRIBE if you so choose!  (it's FREE!)  That way when we record a new episode it will automatically download into your iTunes and then you can have it on your listening device of choice and listen at your leisure.

We would love to get lots of people participating and giving us feedback and input.  You can "join" us on facebook (just do a search for "three moms and a podcast" and we come right up.  then just click to "join").  If you do decide to join us on fb, then you will be able to write in and add your 2 cents for us to read "on the air"!  Our next episode is on the holidays and we are wanting people to write in and share two things:
1.  Favorite Holiday Traditions
2.  Favorite gift you ever received

YOUR stories are what are going to make this fun!  I mean, my friends and I can have a good time, but we pretty much know all each other's stories.  YOUR input is what will keep us coming back.  So join the fun and participate!!!

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