Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween '10

So... she was Spiderman for her school party, but for the actual Trick-or-Treating she decided to go with... 

drumroll please...

A dinosaur!!!  
A dang cute dinosaur, but a pre-historic reptile, none-the-less. 
"Mommy!  Do I look SCAWY???"

So, let's just keep it between us that it looks like
I painted a butterfly on her face.  K?

And next, of course, there is Lord Vader.
I wish you could see how serious
his face is behind that mask.
If you are feeling asthmatic, it's because Darth Vader
is using his "Force Choke" on you right now.

Jack was struggling b/c he couldn't find the vampire teeth he wanted to use to be a bat or a zombie or a (huh?) vampire, so I had to punt for him at the last minute.  Someone told me about this idea and it seemed fun and easy.  He's a Windy Day.

The costume is fun... but I think it's his facial expressions that
really make it work.  Where DOES he get that expressiveness from??? 

I wondered if Avé would really understand what was going on, but really... what's NOT to understand about walking up to people's houses and getting candy?  Like everything else she has been introduced to, she just accepts all this new craziness as her new normal and goes with the flow!  It was a fun night, but as always, now I am left with a problem...

How do I steal ALL the Butterfingers out of my kids' bags w/o them getting wise?


Karenkool said...

You could tell them that butterfingers dissolve after a couple of days and leave only empty wrappers.

Deena / TEAM MARQUIS said...

I am eating a stolen Snickers as I type...I LOVE the "windy day" idea...might have to steal that one from you!

Sohailah said...


or macaroni and cheese.

those are my ideas.

i'm sure they will work.

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