Tuesday, December 1, 2009

waiting and UNOFFICIAL hope

I don't know why I didn't discover this sooner- it must have been God hiding it from me to maintain my sanity. So many of my fellow Gladney bloggers (who I freely admit to online stalking) have referred to it several times over the past year, but somehow I never looked into it for myself. Until now. What is it that I am referring to? Say it with me Gladney bloggers:

The Gladney FBI UNOFFICIAL list of, well, EVERYTHING!!!

It's unofficial, but it places you in order according to your wait time and and your gender and age preferences. So since I discovered this list last week I just can't stay away from it! And here's why...

According to this UNOFFICIAL list, WE are the next family waiting open to a girl between 18-39 months!!!

So what does that mean? Well, officially it means nothing. There could potentially be many families NOT listed on that site who are actually "in front" of us. But Gladney does not do the number thing like many other agencies do. They just give the average wait list times and in many ways I can see how this could work to keep families from getting too anxious about their 'turn.' BUT... now that I have discovered this list and know that UNOFFICIALLY we are next in line for a girl in that age range... well...


ps- I'm not sure which phone our case worker will call from, but if she calls from her direct line, it's ringtone on my phone is "My Girl." :-) So call me, Sara!!!


Eryn said...

The FBI is sooo addicting. I'm completely addicted right now. I'm stalking it, stalking the blogs listed...all of it! I hope you get the call so soon! Eryn

Jamey... said...

Congrats! We're trying to get to our Waiting Child. She's almost 19 months.

Beautiful Mess said...

Congratulations-unofficially of course ;)

I can't imagine how you contain yourself.

Heidi Jo said...

SOOOO EXCITING! what a wonderful christmas present that phone call would be!

for now, you are officially in 'advent'...just as we're all waiting for baby Jesus, you are also waiting for your beautiful baby girl.

The Mathews Family said...

We are not too far behind you! (UN-officially that is! :)..

Here's hoping to a referral BEFORE Christmas!


The Mathews Family

Sohailah said...

Love Heidi's comment - WOO HOO!!!!! So happy for you!

Mark and Heidi said...

Too funny - and, yes, the FBI is very, very addicting! And, yes, I would guess that with your age range you could be hearing something any day now! Be prepared to be stalked!


Ellen Enright said...

I love your ring tone. I actually ran across your blog because I was blog stalking who is ahead of us. We've requested a girl 18 mos to 5 years. So, if she's under 3, we're right behind you, and if she's over 3, then we are also on the top.
Y'all have been waiting a while. Surely, it will come soon.
Good luck!!

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