Saturday, December 12, 2009

Other Stuff

Christmas time is the PERFECT time to get our referral. It has enhanced everything about this season of rejoicing for me.

We are sending a little care package to our girl via a family who gets to go get their child the week of Christmas! I'm not sure how much she is told/understands about her new family, but in the package I sent a little outfit, a photo book with labeled pictures of all of us, and I wanted to include a little snuggly toy for her. Here is a photo of the items:

Explanations: it has to be small so that it will all fit inside a gallon sized ziplock bag so as not to impose on the family that is taking and delivering it for us. And the clothes: not really so very excited about what I finally settled on to send her, but the cute fleecy things I bought would NOT fit in the ziplock, so I knew I had to keep the clothes small and simple. And in case you are wondering about long sleeves and long pants, Addis Ababa is in the mountains and the days average between the upper 60's and 70's, and at night it can get into the upper 40's. I have been f-f-f-freeeeeezing this week in Tulsa, so maybe that made me err on the side of being warm. The photo book is a little baby-ish looking but it is durable and sturdy and really, I doubt she will think it's baby-ish at all. And then the toy...

I did not love that little pink elephant thingy and it definitely IS baby-ish... but it was the only cuddly thing I could find that would fit inside the baggie. But en route to the Fed-Ex office I impulsively decided to swing by Kiddlestix to see if I could find a better snuggly for her. I looked at all the girly stuff- dolls, kittens, cutesy-cute things... but none of them seemed right. I almost got a kangaroo w/ a little joey in it's pouch, but then I saw this little guy:

And I knew it had to be hers!!! No, it's not girly or fluffy or pink, but it has such a sweet and comforting face... it was right. So I did the switcheroo in the car and now the package with this sweet little puppy is on it's way to the family who will deliver it to our little girl! I am hoping that they have the chance to snap a few photos of her opening everything. That would be awesome!

Now... on to other things.

We went to Garden Glow at the Philbook- which I totally love! The boys made ornaments that we sent to my brother in Iraq and other ornaments for the birds to eat.

Every year I have the boys paint a new ornament. Next year our girl will get to paint one too!

And yes, that is the tree skirt that Ben is wearing AS a skirt. Crazy boy! :-)

The tree has a few new things this year as well. (That's the Ethiopian flag on, you guessed it, a hair bow!!!)


Kerri said...

Great care package!!! And nothing beats the Christmas tree skirt as a skirt. That's awesome!!!

The Busters said...

Oh my goodness, the Ethiopian hairbow is adorable! I didn't realize you were in Tulsa. I grew up there and loved reading about your trip to Philbrook. My parents live super close by. Memories!! :)

Anonymous said...
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endsofthenile said...

Great care package!! You will get a chuckle if you look at the picture of the care package we sent a coupla weeks ago with a family to our little one.

See it here:

I hope you are hanging on with the interminable wait to hear about a court date. I'm about to spontaneously combust!

Here's to us both getting more pictures soon!!

Sohailah said...
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Sohailah said...

I deleted my last comment because I was afraid I sounded rude - and how I WANTED it to sound was you are going to be the MOST AMAZING mommy to your little girl and she will not think ANYTHING you give her is baby-ish -she's SO GOING to love you guys.

Also - I hear a lot of thought/comments about the disenchantment phase of adoptions... my parents never had that with us... well, maybe with my BROTHER, but can you blame them?! And that didn't start until he was 15-16... :)

So... although nothing in life is perfect - most of it is on how YOU view it and live it.... and that, dear friend, you do INCREDIBLY well!

Rebecca said...

absolutely love the ornaments!!! what a joyous time for you and your family. we'll be traveling soon so hopefully we can arrange to take photos!!!

Selam! G'day! Hello!