Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I dreamed about her last night. It was fuzzy and short and just images seemingly randomly put together, but there she was... my little girl... in my foggy dream.

I dreamed that the wonderful family from Houston who is taking her a package was giving it to her and she was so animated! She was doing the cute little leg stomping dance that my boys would do at the age of 2 when they were really excited about something- you know, kinda like running in place. It wasn't necessarily our package she was so excited about... but she was happy. And that was fun to see.

And best of all...

...when she smiled she wrinkled her nose.


Rebecca said...

what a lovely dream to dream. soon it will be your waking reality.

Sohailah said...

you are so great! Thank you for sharing heart things with us. I LOVE that dream - it must be so exciting... and crazy... and overwhelming... yet peaceful. I really remember that post you wrote about peace. It was great.

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