Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So Much to Blog About... So Little TIME!!!

This post has been difficult to write, not because of lack of material, but b/c of the over abundance of it!  Where do I start???  Do I back up to the beginning of The Snowpocalypse that happened here in Snowklahoma 2 weeks ago?  Or do I jump to Jack's 10th Birthday Party?  Or how about the prize I won?  Or to Avé's second set of yarn braids and all that accompanied that?  Overwhelmed!  I want to blog about each of those b/c I really want to be able to chronicle them in another blog book, but where to begin???

I think Snowmageddon pix are the right place to start.  Not much to say about being snowed in for 2 straight weeks except that my kids played way too much Wii, I found out I am probably getting too old to sled down super steep hills, and if the sledding wasn't enough to do my spine in, we got rear-ended b/c of the slippery streets.  My kids (for the most part) really enjoy each other, so except for the expected squabbles resulting from being cooped up for too long, they had fun on their unexpected break from school.  Hope they had enough fun to make up for the extra 30 minutes of school they are going to have to have each day for two months to make up for 11 snow days!  SnOMG, indeed.

Puzzle fun!

I love this pic!

Are those swim goggles he's wearing?


indoor fun...

it got a little out of hand...

and Jack took over the camera...



Snow Ice Cream!!!

and we lost her sleep cap for a few days...

...but she pulled this scarf off pretty well, don'tcha think?

More SOOOOOOOON... I hope!

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Deena said...

I think you have even more snow than we do...yikes! What a fun mom you are - I leave the sledding up to my husband these days. You know, I think I might actually enjoy an extra 30 minutes of time with my little darlings at school every day...is that bad? ;)

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