Friday, February 25, 2011

Valentines Cards

I always try to do something creative (or, more appropriately, make my kids do something creative) for their V-day cards.  I'm totally not into Valentines Day.  I think it's a completely fabricated holiday.  It reminds me of Vegas- all show and no substance.  Mick and I have probably only gone out on Vday once in our whole marriage and we both looked at each other and said, "We are never doing this again."  Too much artificial sentiment for us.  Blech.  I know, I know.  I'm a buzz kill.  But I also hate chick flicks and don't even get me started on The Bachelor... which I've never watched but will that prevent me from having a well articulated opinion on how horrible it is for society and what a sickening lesson it teaches young women???  Oh, no!!!  I could go off for HOURS on that one!!!  Wait... what was I blogging about???  Oh, yeah.  My kid's Valentine cards.  Back to the subject...  ;-)

Totally, 100% stole this idea from a friend on Facebook.  She posted that she had done this in the past and I just thought to myself- well there we go!  Easy peasy, done and done.

So we took these pictures...

And then we punched some holes in them and stuck a sucker through!

And Happy Valentines Day to all the kids in their classes!!!  I know they were a big hit b/c when I went to pick up Avé at preschool that day her teacher was showing another parent Avé's card.  And at my boys' school I saw a girl in Jack's class run up to her mom and fish Jack's out of her bag full of Valentines and show it to her!  And THEN at pick up the next day the PE teacher told me that he really thought Ben's Valentine was cool.  I asked him where he had seen it and he named several first graders who had shown it to him!  So... feel free to steal the idea that I stole and use it next year!  Could NOT be easier!!!

Oh, and I don't think I did a very good job of explaining this fake holiday to Av b/c she asked me on the way to the car after her class party, "Why I have all this candy anyway???"  Don't worry.  I left out my lecture on the evils of the card and floral industry and stayed pretty focused on why we will never own "The Little Mermaid."  


Kimberlie said...

I am totally stealing this idea. Since we had so many days off school, I decided we would do homemade valentines. Only problem? I am not at all crafty and my perfectionism prevents it from being truly fun for me. However, I did suck down my impulse to "fix." It took us two days because so much of the things had to be prepped by me and with 4 kids times 20-25 valentines, well, I had to give myself time to decompress from the stress each day.

My kids, even the older boys, find most of the Disney princess movies scary (creepy, evil women, some who are mothers - yuck). I unwittingly took the kids to see Tangled, and yeah they were upset. Had to take Meili out 15 minutes into it. The woman baby-stealer, calling herself "mother" and say "I love you" was TOO much for her. :(

Why do they do stuff like that?!? Of course, we do have a fair number of Barbie movies. Sigh.

Deena said...

I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!! Totally going to steal it...please remind me next year ;)
I also really like your Halloween idea (the windy day) and have that one in mind for next year :)
I couldn't agree more with you on the Vday stuff. Grace seems to think we have some type of holiday every month. I am dreading the conversation about the Easter Bunny...

Karenkool said...

I was going to steal this idea, but when Caleigh never mentioned anything about needing Valentine's Day cards and candy, I just didn't bother with any of it. She came home with candy and cards from all her classmates and was the only one who didn't bring anything in--BAAaahahhahaa!! SCORE!!! j/k. but not really. I doubt anyone will ever remember the time that Caleigh didn't bring Valentines in for anyone.

I reminded her that we just brought in cupcakes the week before.

We'll try this next year though.

Claudia said...

oh I just ADORE this idea! I am totally stealing it, as soon as my kids are old enough to follow the instructions ("now make a fist, now smile....") Love it!

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