Wednesday, February 16, 2011


You know the snow has hung around too long when you say to your kids, "You guys wanna go sledding again today?" and the unanimous answer is, "...Meh."  But we did have fun on the hills before we came down with a bad case of Snow Ennui.

My Snow Angel.

Me after my first run.
The last run didn't put a smile on my face.

Mick- sledder extraordinaire!

"Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes..."

We didn't build the tunnel, but we enjoyed using it!



My spine!!!

Always good to close the day with a great fort.  


Deena said...

looks like fun...I just took down a fort like that in my living room! too funny...

E.faeth.adopt. said...

looks like a blast! love the fort : )

we got up to 68 degrees today!!!
it was good to soak up that vitamin D again, hehehe.

great photo shots- love the tunnel.

Anonymous said...

Too Fun!! What great family time! The kids are cute as can be..


Karenkool said...

Great jump for sure. Sorry that it hurt. Things hurt more at our stages in life then they use to, don't you think?

Sohailah said...

love it! Is there still snow on the ground in Tulsa? Hey - you and Karen will finally be able to meet. In August.

Selam! G'day! Hello!