Sunday, January 30, 2011

The FRO is BACK!!!

OH!  My heart!!!  She looks like my LITTLE girl again!!!

We took the braids out today and this is the result!  This is her hair simply brushed out after the braids were all out.  I absolutely LOVE it!!!  ;-)  I'm sure after we wash it there will be lots of curl-shrinkage, but even still I can tell that her hair grew AT LEAST one inch in the past month while it was in the braids!  And SOFT... oh my goodness.  I can't even describe it.  I was worried that I wasn't keeping it properly moisturized b/c there were some days when I just totally forgot to do anything at all to it.  But OH!  It is like cotton candy right now!  VERY soft and moisturized and healthy feeling!!!  (Is it okay that I'm really proud of myself for this???)  

I mean... WOW!  THAT is one awesome afro.  :-)  Of course she says she liked her "long hair" better, but oh well.  I will probably do braids again in a month or so, but for now I'm gonna let it rest and enjoy her CURLS!!!  

But, people, the best part of the whole day was when she walked into the room to show Ben her hair all combed out and he said, "Oh!  I missed her afro so much!!!  I'm so glad it's back!"  And then he proceeded to stroke her hair over and over...  I mean, folks, does it get any sweeter than that???


Justine said...

Love the hair! (also love it braided and watched the whole video you linked to in your last that weird since I only have Caucasian and Asian hair in my house?) I especially love Ben's comment!

Jamey... said...

Gayla! I've missed you lately. I've got snow outside so I've been dreaming about you and me and an island. I LOVE the 'fro. The braids were awesome too, but they made me feel inferior. :) When are we getting together for a playdate? :)

Sohailah said...

This is one big yummy sweet post. I LOVE it! love love LOVE it!

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