Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Package, Remodels and Crossed Fingers

New Package:
Tomorrow the new package will be on it's way to Rebecca to take to our girl!  I like the new outfit MUCH better than the other one.

It doesn't show up very well there on my bedspread, but oh well.  And I let the boys pick out a new snuggly for her.

Yes.  It's a horse.  Of course.  :-)

Over Christmas Break we finally started working on our girl's room!  (And by "we" of course I mean Mick.)  :-)  Eryn, who started this process at about the same time we did and who got her referral for a beautiful baby girl on Christmas Day (is that perfect or WHAT???) posted pics of the gorgeous room she and her family have created for their daughter. Of course Eryn's room looks completely ready!  It looks like baby girl could sleep in it tonight!  You MAY notice from my pics that there's no way we are going to be done on time that we aren't quite as far along...

Mick bashed out the wall next to the closet so that he can create some built in shelves and drawers which will be awesome and really save room.  We are also replacing all the windows in the room and of course repainting, etc...  So as you can see... it means we have a looooooong way to go.  (And, again, by "we" I mean Mick.)  I'll document the process so you can see how talented my man is.  :-)

Crossed Fingers:
AND... I really, really, really want to get an update on our girl from our agency tomorrow!!!  They send out 2 per month, but the month you get your referral you don't get any more updates- I guess because they give so much info with the referral.  We got our referral one month ago TODAY... and that feels like an awful long time to go w/ no new pictures or information.  So here's hoping we get something tomorrow!!!!
Please, please, please!


Anonymous said...

Cute! Cute! Outfit!! Praying for updates and court dates for all!!!
This waiting for a court date is a killer! I got my referral 12-7-09. I'm right with ya on the updates...
Hoping this is your week!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca said...

YAY! Can't wait until it gets here and I can't wait to give it to her. I might just sit here and cry thinking about it.

Just Mom said...

This is so exciting!

I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed. I hope that helps. :-D

Sohailah said...

LOVE the package and where is her room? I've been trying to figure that out.

Sohailah said...

Oh my goodness! I was looking/hoping for an update and just noticed Ben got his hair cut. SUCH adorable boys!!

Eryn said...

LOL!! If you would have seen my room one week ago, you would've thought the same thing! My hubby is a teacher and had lots of time so we dove in while he was on his last few days off.

LOVE the little green cozy outfit! I love it!

Justine said...

Love the outfit and the horse! I'm sure you'll get the room done. No point in getting it done too early. It'll give you something to think about and do during the waiting. Hope you got the update!


sofabellie said...

I'm a little behind on reading your posts, but I have to say, well done on the ADORABLE green outfit! How cute will that be with her pretty brown skin!

Selam! G'day! Hello!