Thursday, January 7, 2010


Whew.  I don't know why it has been so hard for me to wait for an update this week... but mentally it has been quite the challenge.  But today we got a new photo and a little description of her personality.  Still no smile in her picture, but she does look a little more comfortable in front of the camera in this one.  The description of her personality says she is definitely shy- not apprehensive, just shy.  I see this as a good thing- both my boys AND my husband are all shy.  And although I am definitely not shy, I can see through my boys that I would rather have my children a bit on the cautious side in new situations than to be careless and rush headlong into crazy situations or interactions with strangers.  So... she'll fit right in!

And in other news... SHE GOT HER PACKAGE!!!  The first one we sent with the little puppy that we thought was lost w/ the luggage!!!  The luggage was found and the people at the Gladney foster care center knew to get the little baggie w/ her name on it and give it to her.  No pics of this event, and that's too bad.  But oh, well.  We know she has her little gray puppy and a little book with photos of her new family.  :-)  That makes me happy.

Two families who got their referrals after us have court dates already... FOR NEXT WEEK!!!  (Congrats to you guys!)  Seriously... I put pics of her future room on my last post... we are no where NEAR ready.  If the families w/ court dates next week pass this first time, they could potentially be traveling by the end of January!  End of February at the latest!!!  I have to be honest... that freaks me out a bit.  In my mind we will get a February court date and a March/April embassy date... and I am perfectly comfortable with that.  BUT... I'm totally trusting the timing to God.  He knows when she needs us to come and get her.  So we'll just have to get in gear and get that room ready!!! (and by "we" of course I mean Mick.)  :-)

Happy Ethiopian Christmas!  Ye Ganna Baal!


Lindsey said...

Don't you just love updates?! I got one today on our precious A&R and it melted my heart. I think you and I should start emailing a lot because it sounds like we might be travel buddies :)

Sohailah said...

Very exciting news! It is so incredible that it's getting so close! WOO HOO!! And I love that she got the First package - she is going to be smothered in warm cuddly animals - yippee!!

Eryn said...

Ok, I haven't even read the update yet, but I got goosebumps of relief for you when I saw the title of your post! Thank you, LORD!

Sohailah said...

I want to see the newest photo! AND... what else did they say? And... can you get together next Friday afternoon?

Jen said...

For six months we got tons of pictures. Not one had her smiling. Not one. She smiled the first day we got her and has not stopped since.... prepare to be blown away. It is amazing to watch them come into their own. Bella grew 4 inches in the three months she has been home. She has too many words to count. She is loving and smart.

Justine said...

Wonderful stuff, Gayla! I am so happy for you!

Believe me, you will be ready when they least that is what I am telling myself. I found out last night that they want me in Hong Kong on Jan. 18. That means I leave a week from tomorrow! So much to do, but I am so so excited!


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