Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Latest Purchase

You say, "Gayla... Oh, no you di'int!"

And I say, "Internet... Oh yes I did!"

Swimwear with a tutu and another with boy shorts???  Tell me, even though it's January, HOW COULD I RESIST???


Kimberlie said...

Oh my goodness, I can't let my little girl see that swim suit with a tutu. She will want one and then her brother (I am not saying which one) with a penchant for tutus will want one. Oh my those suits are so cute!!!

neely said...

must know where the swimsuit with the tutu is from???!! so cute!

Gayla said...

one word: TARGET!!!

Anonymous said...

So fun shopping for a girl!! Adorable suits.She will be the best dressed swimmer for sure!!!

Eryn said...

I LOVE THAT swimsuit! My mom and I saw it the other day, and I KNOW she's getting one for Lucy and my little neice...seriously, how could you NOT allow that darling thing to jump right off the rack and into your pretty little red cart? You couldn't. I'm convinced. I *heart* target!!

Anonymous said...

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Heidi Jo said...

oh boy...or i mean, oh girl. you are having way too much fun!

Sohailah said...

oh my gosh - of COURSE you did! So darn cute!
Gayla with a girl... priceless!

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