Saturday, April 9, 2011


I love Spring.  It's my absolute favorite season for so many reasons.  I hate winter.  Maybe up north or in Colorado it's amazing, but here it's just dull grey skies, dull grey ground, dull grey trees, dull grey days.  And then suddenly... the tulips and daffodils and hyacinths poke up their heads...  and then those tulip trees (don't know real name) put on their incredible flowers... and then the pear trees start to bloom... and then the gorgeous redbuds... and then the dogwoods start putting on their show... it's just AMAZING!!!   It makes my heart so happy.  And we still have the azaleas to look forward to!  I LOVE SPRING.


Kimberlie said...

Yeah, I love the 5 days of spring we get after winter before summer settles in. Blah. I hate summer in OK. I love, love, love spring!

Do you think we'd appreciate spring so much if we lived somewhere it was spring all the time and there was no winter or summer to compare it to?

Deena said...

Looks like a perfect day...was that ice cream too??? Yup, perfect. I can't believe your tulips are already blooming. Ours are JUST peeking through the ground. Your kids are so darn cute. I am so happy to have a friend who has a son with longer hair than my son ;) I get sick of everyone advising me to cut his hair...not happening any time soon!

Kelly said...

Love the spring pictures...only thing better, in my opinion, is summer pictures!! :)

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