Monday, April 18, 2011

The "Good Advice / Bad Advice" Podcast

I was all for calling Episode 6 our "Return of the Jedi" episode, but that didn't fly w/ my co- hosts.  ;-)  Instead Kaysie named it "Gayla Wise."  You'll have to listen in to see why, but rest assured that title totally fits it's not because I'm actually wise.  More because of a certain baby-rearing book that I really, really, really, really disliked and which Kaysie didn't quite feel so strongly about.  WE HAD WORDS, PEOPLE!  Okay, so not a cat-fight per-se, but I do believe that Kaysie "shushed" me at one point and that Kelly looked away and said, "Oh, here we go" more than once.  ;-)  I love these girls and we are having a blast making this podcast... even if we don't always agree!!!!

Oh, and you can also subscribe on iTunes and each new episode will automatically download for you, and if you want to connect on Facebook you can find us by searching for "Three Moms and a Podcast."  Join our FB group and then you can add your two cents to our discussions.  Great to listen to while you fold laundry or run errands in the car!  Believe me when I tell you that between the three of us and our varied opinions and experiences you will find yourself feeling very, very NORMAL.  ;-)

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Deena said...

I am an episode behind!!! I have to get going...I can't wait to hear it-you crack me up- I prefer to listen to you while I clean up my kitchen or am cooking ;)

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