Saturday, January 22, 2011

Always Prone to Hyperbole!

My friends and I recorded a new episode of "Three Moms and a Podcast" and it's ready for your listening pleasure!

You may or may not know this about me, but I *do* have a tendency to slightly exaggerate while story telling.  Okay, so WAAAAAY more than slightly.  I feel my stories involve obvious exaggeration for the sake of humor or to make a point, and that's all fine... as long as you know me.  The problem comes when I tell a crazy story on the podcast in which I use an excessive amount of hyperbole... and then I realize that not everyone who listens in *really* knows me.  And so when I say something crazy like, "I was so mad at my son I wanted to punch him in the face!" makes me sound like a nut job and may make you feel that you  need to call Child Protective Services!!!  AAAAAAAAAUGH!!!

So... listen and enjoy... but just know that I am dramatic and really get into story telling and that I even though I sound like an evil mom with rage issues, it's all just for dramatic effect!  ;-)  (And it's a good story... Jack learned a powerful lesson and no children were harmed in the process!  I promise!)


Karenkool said...

Doncha just hate having to explain yourself? Especially when it comes to humor and sarcasm. HA

Ticklish Feet said...

I do agree with that, especially when you have different sense of humors.

Shannon said...

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