Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Her JOB is to judge me.

This afternoon our social worker will visit for our 6 month post-placement visit.  I'm really glad that she is such a lovely person because it always seems that when she comes to judge me check on our family my children always act like RAVING LUNATICS.  Seriously.  Last time she was here I was so mad after she left (I made sure she drove out of the driveway- I didn't want any last minute "I forgot my briefcase" returns during the rant that was coming!) I completely lost it and yelled, "GET OUT!" at my kids and then sent them outside telling them that I was going to put some lemonade and some cups on the back porch and I didn't want to see nor hear them for at least 30 minutes-  possibly the whole afternoon.  Seriously.  They were that bad.  At one point during her visit I said to 7 year old Ben (in front of our social worker!), "Ben, I hope you realize that you are arguing with your 3 year old sister... OVER A BABY DOLL."  Yes. Shame is one of my best parenting techniques.  Please learn from me, as I share my wisdom!!!

So.  Fingers crossed that my children act like the delightful little beings they are capable of being instead of horrible, bratty, naughty, talking-back little brats like last time.  I mean- let's face it.  I'm not trying to fool our social worker into thinking we're something we are not... I just want her to see the BEST that we can be, not our absolute, stinking, rotting, screaming at my kids with my eyes, barely holding it together selves while she is here.  Is that too much to ask???  Please tell me that your kids act crazy in front of your social worker too!  Please tell me that it's a common problem!  Even if you have to lie.


A Real Good Friend said...

1) If I knew there were ACTUAL jobs...AN ACTUAL JOB I would get PAID for, where I got to JUDGE people...I would have signed up for it in a heartbeat! Why did I waste all those years studying (???) how to teach & nurture young minds through education? CRAP, I should have paid more attention on career day in grade school!

2) My children are always at their BEST when we are meeting with their parole officers (only the oldest three have them, our fourth has her own stylist instead)

3) Your kids, your family, YOU are the REAL DEAL, Gayla. They are healthy, vibrant, adorable and buckets of fun! The Case Worker probably looks forward to being at your home (like I am looking forward to this Friday).

Love to you and YOURS!

Kimberlie said...

Oh honey, it is like Murphy's law: if you want your children to behave, that's the exact moment they will decide to go through "a phase" and get all crazy on you. Every time our social worker comes, and believe me with 4 adoptions, she's practically a member of the family, one of my kids will pull something out of their hat and I'll look at her bewildered and say "I really don't know where that came from. He/she has never done that before." It will be the honest to God truth but I feel like our SW is saying in her head "yeah right." But really she just reassures me it's all normal. And it is.

I think if your children were perfectly well behaved, THAT is when your SW will be worried about you and your parenting methods. She'll think you are the Stepford Family. Hugs!

wildflowers said...

oh no. hang in there. life is unpredictable. it is what it is sometimes. maybe this next visit will go smoother. :) sometimes you just roll with the punches and say, hey, this is what it is right now, and hope for the best. im guessing you sat them down and talked about this with the kiddos. maybe they will be more aware of their behavior this next visit. hang in there. sometimes ignoring such behavior deflate the behavior itself. if yo have told then your expectaions that is all you can do.

Lindsey said...

Haha! I love the fact that it is not just our family. The last time Andrea was in our house, it was vacation Bible school night and I was cooking, chasing Alazar and yelling at Ruta that she could NOT wear her bathing suit to church! It is not just you. It's all of us who are real and honest with ourselves. And when they are all grown and have kids of their own...THAT is when we get to sit back and laugh.

I adore you!

Robyn said...

We just saw Andrea yesterday for our 6-month check-up. Love her! My twins were chasing each other being "dinosaurs" and the baby was digging through her briefcase chewing on anything he could find. So thankful she is laid back because I was about to lose it :)

Deena / TEAM MARQUIS said...

Love it! Thanks for keeping it real! I can totally relate. I am so happy that other people have children that aren't perfect. I have two boys that are little stinkers (together) at times, and when our social worker was here last week, they didn't act like the perfect angels I wanted them to act like. I am keeping my fingers crossed that everyone behaves when we go to court to finalize our adoption next month!

Sohailah said...

SO FUNNY... ooops - sorry. I mean, too sad... you know, me and shaming - we're buds. I totally get you. It's a gift - not everyone can do it as well as you.

Selam! G'day! Hello!