Friday, April 2, 2010

Dreamgirl meets Reality

I posted the below post waaaaaaaaaaaay back in December.  Check out the NEW photo below the OLD post...



I dreamed about her last night. It was fuzzy and short and just images seemingly randomly put together, but there she was... my little girl... in my foggy dream. 
I dreamed that the wonderful family from Houston who is taking her a package was giving it to her and she was so animated! She was doing the cute little leg stomping dance that my boys would do at the age of 2 when they were really excited about something- you know, kinda like running in place. It wasn't necessarily our package she was so excited about... but she was happy. And that was fun to see.

And best of all...

...when she smiled she wrinkled her nose.

And animated???  I had no idea...  :-)

We noticed this adorable trait the morning we met her.  I was holding her and the boys were entertaining her and Mick was snapping pix when he suddenly said, "Gayla- she wrinkles her nose when she smiles!  Especially when she laughs... JUST LIKE YOU DO!"  Precious.  


Lindsey said...

AHHHH!!! I LOVE this post! That is SOOO Her!

mhkesler said...

love it! Dang, our God is SO good, isn't He?

Eryn said...

oops, that was me, not a creepy stalker :)

Sohailah said...

oh man... that's so FUN!

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