Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Synopsis- Days 6 and 7

Might as well keep going while I have the chance!

Day 6- Thursday.  We got to tour the Holy Trinity Cathedral- amazing and beautiful!  Loved Belay's stories about the origin of Christianity in ET- did you know that ET claims it was the first country in the world to name Christianity as the national religion?  Belay said that Armenia claims it was first, but of course they are wrong.  ;-) Loved the story about how the Arc of the Covenant came to be in Ethiopia- ask me about this one.  Fascinating.  Really appreciated Belay telling the story of the communist take over that so tragically affected his family.  Amazing.  Unthinkable.  I still felt really crappy, but totally enjoyed this tour.

Day 7- Friday.

This is the day I'm going to find the most difficult to really talk about.

This is the morning we


And then as if that wasn't emotionally exhausting enough, that afternoon we visited the state run orphanages.  Quite frankly I'm crying too much writing this post already, so all I'm going to say is that we met some of the most amazing young men at the Kolfe boy's home.  Intelligent, good looking, wonderful boys with so much to offer.  And so few options.  And the other orphanages... so hard to experience.  We found out that Lilah was in a state run orphanage in Awassa (where she is from) for 8 days, but they didn't have any more toddler beds.  So they called Gladney and asked them to come and get some of their toddlers... is that mind blowing???  So... she was lucky that the orphanage didn't have room for her???  Is that the right way to think about it???  It's all just too much.  

There was one little boy at one of the orphanages who just quietly went up and held Jack and Ben's hands.  He walked between them the whole time we were there.  He was precious.  I asked Travis if he was adoptable and he told me that he has an older sister who is HIV positive.  So, no.  Probably not.  Not unless someone comes forward willing to adopt 2 siblings 7 and under with HIV.  I think I can publish this pic b/c it doesn't show his face.

So.  That was Friday.  We were all changed.


Kimberlie said...

It says in Scripture that there were times when Mary didn't understand something, or she was disturbed by something relating to Jesus, but that she hid them in her heart and pondered them. Ponder these visits, and someday, you will be able to share these private thoughts with Lilah. She's really the only one who needs to hear it.

Gayla said...

What a beautiful comment, Kimberlie. Thanks for that. You are so right.

Eryn said...

Wow. So true, the comment above. All I can say is WOW. I can't even imagine all that day held for you....Bless your heart.

Charlie said...

amazing. yet again, just amazing. Thank you for sharing all of this.

nickernoodle said...

I loved Kimberlys comment. That is so true. I can't imagine meeting her father and then having to leave. At least he has peace of mind that she is alive, well, and is going to live a good life. I'm sure its hard for him and for you guys but God has his hand on the whole situation. Bless you for having such a tender heart and for following what God called you to do. She is just beautiful!

Robyn said...

What a gift to be able to meet the birthfather. Our birthmother could not be located and it still hurts too much to think about her not being able to see him one last time.

That pic of Lilah with the flower headband is just too much cuteness! LOVE that!

Anjanette said...

Oh, the picture of the whole family with her birth father...it just cuts to the heart. Loads of tears again. I'm so thankful God made a way that day. That her bio-father had a desire to see her one last time, and that you got to ask the questions you needed to ask.

Much love!! I love your heart!

Selam! G'day! Hello!