Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Room = nearly completely finished!  Purple and green and adorable.

Packing = not started.

Paperwork = almost complete

My mind = completely gone

My emotions = numb and bawling

My theory = give me 9 days and it will all work out

Hopefully posting room pix soon!!!


The Mathews Family said...

You are so funny! Can't wait to see pictures of her room...and will ALL work out! Blessings, Christine

Eryn said...

Oh my. Hang in there...i think your theory is right on. You will forget all about this week when you're playing with your girl! :)

Mark and Heidi said...

Yay! I knew you'd get the room done in time (although the stress it has caused you has made me glad I started cracking the whip around here a long time ago, LOL). Can't wait to see pictures and good luck with the rest. Don't forget to breath!

Brooke said...

We're so excited for you guys, Gayla! Praying for peace and wisdom as you prepare this next week... and for a supernatural ability to get it all done ;>

Can't wait to see pics of Lilah's room!


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