Monday, March 8, 2010

HER ROOM!!!!!!

Do you know how long I have been waiting to write a post with that title???  Oh, I guess for about 15 MONTHS!!!!  ;-)  But as you can see by our ring countdown, we are getting VERY close!  (of course the short one is TODAY!)

Well, the room is not 100% totally and completely complete, but it is close enough!  And I can't write another word without giving credit where credit is due and saying that my dear friend JEWEL is the creative source behind this room.  I just gave her the general idea of what I was thinking and she just RAN with it!  She has such a good eye and is so talented and creative, and, well, let's let her work speak for itself!!!

Here is a "Before" shot.  Mick took out the windows that were wonderful and quaint but also 80 years old and drafty.

Oh, and just because he has so much time on his hands (note sarcasm) he also decided to re-do the closet AND build some inset shelves and drawers.

Yeah.  He's pretty much a genius.  :-)

I'm all for black when it comes to what to wear, but not for little girl shelves.  Mick actually let ME use the power sander on these AND help to paint!!!  (that just shows how much he trusts my talents that these shelves are pretty crappy and he didn't care if I blew it.)  (and the pic is bad b/c I guess the dust hadn't settled after my awesome power sanding.)

And of course... purple is the new black.

Some awesome friends came over after I had a melt down about getting her room set up and organized.  Such great people... Let me tell you something.  I am not going to make it through this life without some seriously wonderful women by my side.  I don't even want to think about having to do life without my friends.  For reals.

And so how about these great coat/bag hooks Mick put behind her door???  So sweet.

And so Jewel took this great bed spread that I love and cut it down to twin size (it was a queen) and used the excess to make the sham and that adorable pillow you see there!

I mean- really!!!!!!  How sweet is that???  Purple pom-pom trim???  WHAT, tell me WHAT is more precious????

On the floor there by the built in shelves and drawers that are so awesome, you see Jewel's crowning idea- we are going to hang those paper lanterns above the bed as a fun and whimsical feature!  But there is no way I could wait until they are up to post... I'll just have to take more pix and post about her room AGAIN after that is up.  :-)

And here are the formerly black and bunky shelves... LOVE IT.

And as if we needed more cuteness, la piece de resistance... a close up on the curtains that Jewel made.

Could you die from cuteness?

Thank you, Jewel, for giving so much of yourself.  I will always think of you when I look around and just LOVE her room.  THANK YOU!!!!!!!


A Real Good Friend said...

OHHHH Gayla! I love EVERYTHING about Lilah's room! The built ins are perfect! Please post the lantern pics when you get them hung! They will look adorable with the dots and pom-poms!

Sohailah said...

OH my word - Lilah Abeba will positively not know what to do with herself. IS this Jewel Kaste?

Mick IS a genius - so darn precious. Everything!

Gail said...

so very cute!

love the purple and green!

Kimberlie said...

Her room totally rocks! Ahem, in a subdued, lavender, mellow kind of way. I am completely in love with the bedding. What a perfect room for a precious little girl!

Brooke said...

Gayla, I absolutely love it! It's a gorgeous room for a gorgeous girl :)

zach+kate said...


Eryn said...

Oh. My . GOODness. Stinking adorable! I love the colors! So fun. And, I am all for handmade wonderfulness! So cute!

Lisa said...

That room is so fun and adorable! I can't believe you are about to leave for Ethiopia!!! Have a wonderful time! Give my girl a hug for me :)

Lisa said...

Gayla, thanks for the comment! We think she's lovely too, but we are a bit biased :)

I'll definitely continue praying for your trip and your beautiful smiling Lilah :) I'm praying that the transition for all of you is a smooth one!

Mark and Heidi said...

Fantastic! I am impressed with your hubby's shelves, with your painting, and I LOVE the pom-poms!! Can't wait to see your girl in her beautiful room!

Robyn said...

LOVE the idea of the shelves/drawers!

Your makeover on the black shelves was impressive, too!

Anonymous said...

AMAZING!!! So beautiful...
Hurry and get her home soon!!!

Selam! G'day! Hello!