Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Billy Joel is my new BFF

Wait, what I meant to write up there was that I went to see Billy Joel WITH my BFF!!! ha. Yes, last night Kelly and I went to the long awaited Billy Joel / Elton John concert and it was sooooooo great!

Here's Kelly and I on my porch before the concert:

And here's Kel posing w/ the sign at the BOK center (very nice, btw! way to go Tulsa!)

But when we went to find out seats...

...yes... that's the BACK WALL behind Kel there!!! We were on the VERY LAST ROW!!!! Which we could have dealt with if that were our only problem. BUT... when the concert started and we realized that the jumbo tron screen was 90% blocked by a big curtain, well, that just wasn't acceptable. So my girl from New Jersey went to do something about it. She missed Billy and Eton doing a duet on "My Life", but it was soooooooooo worth it b/c she found grace w/ the nicest man who was in charge of guest services and he GOT US NEW SEATS!!!! WAAAAAAAAY BETTER SEATS!!!!!!!!! We went from the very last row to here:

(that's a pic of Kelly with Billy, in case you were wondering.)

WooHoo!!! It was a great show and it was awesome to share it w/ Kel. What a night!!!


Karenkool said...

Woohoo!!! It must have been a great show. BJ. That's who some people think Terry is, ya know. Billy lives practically next door to us. You should come visit.

Anjanette said...

What fun! I saw them about 15 years ago in STL. It was a blast. I'm glad you got a fun grown-up thing to do.

Sohailah said...

I LOVE that you got to go see them! I so so wish I could have been there, although.... VERY happy to be where I am.

Yeay for you guys!

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