Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My girl is a SINGER!!! (my heart is so happy...)

My first time trying to upload videos to the blog!

Nothing can deter her from singing this song! Not her brother throwing balls at her, not the "yucky" in her cup... she will not be denied!!!

Barney may have tried to bastardize this song, but I think Lilah redeems it!

And after she sings the "I love you, You love me" song she sings the song I made up in Amharic before I ever met her. Too sweet!  (She gets a little distracted 1/2 way through the song- I usually sing it with her- and decides to take it in a silly direction... but still sweet, nonetheless.)

Here are the lyrics: (with the Amharic spelled phonetically and the translation in parentheses)

Ahn-chee lee-jay-nesh (You are my daughter)
Ahn-chee lee-yoo-nesh (You are special)
Eh-wuh-di-shah-loh (I love you)

Ahn-chee woo-de-nesh (You are precious)
Ahn-chee kwon-jo-nesh (You are beautiful)
Eh-wuh-di-shah-loh (I love you)


Wes and Layla said...

I love that you wrote a song for her in Amharic! That is so special! And she is such a precious blessing!

Leslie said...

Where did you learn your Amharic?

Gayla said...

Leslie- I got the book "Amharic for Adoptive Families" which comes w/ a CD and teaches you words and phrases that are so helpful! You can get it on Amazon.

Tamara said...

Gayla - I just loved watching the videos of your beautiful girl singing. Just fantastic!!!!!

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