Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LAME BLOGGER! (but some cute pix to make up for it???)

Oh, gee.  So very lame.  I could say that my lame non-blogging is due to:
1.  Busy end-of-school schedule
2.  Excessive tiredness from toddler parenting
3.  My new extreme fitness regimen
4.  General laziness
5.  My goal to give up social media for 3 months.

One or more of the above may or may not be true.  But what IS true is that Tulsa is having CA-RAZY weather and watching the weather man giving us the play-by-play for the last 3 hours has nearly pushed me over the edge.  So to distract myself I shall post lots of adorable pix of my kids that have, for one of the 5 reasons listed above, not made it onto this blog over the past few weeks.  Okay, so they are not really of all my kids.  They are almost exclusively of Lilah.  But don't worry!  I am not photo-neglecting my boys!  (I totally am.)  

Do I even need to say it?  A-DOR-A-BLE!!!!

I totally love this photo of her.  It is the wallpaper on my computer and on my phone.  
She. Is. Gorgeous.


This was on our way to church one morning.  SHE chose the boots!  
These boots used to belong to Jack, then to Ben, now to Lilah!!!
I think she makes them very urban-chic.  :-)

As you can see, she's very into flowers in her hair and sunglasses.  
This is her look every morning when we go for a walk. 
 I must say, I look slightly less glamorous on these occasions.


Yeah... I have no idea what is going on here.  
But they really look cute!!!

Auntie Becky and her family put together a VERY fun package and 
mailed it to Lilah from their home in Atlanta!  
It included princess costumes, a Tiara, 
a Tu-Tu, more sunglasses, and lots and lots of girly-girl stuff.  
(Doesn't she look REGAL in this pic?  Like, give her her Miss Universe crown NOW!)

Here she is sporting the Tu-Tu and various Pocahontas and Princess items.

Oh, gee.  I look at this one and all I can think is:
"We are in sooooo much trouble in about 8 years."

But for now, BEFORE she becomes a full fledged Diva, 
she is just the sweetest, funniest toddler 
with the cutest big toddler tummy
and the best style sense around.

Before the Mother-Daughter Tea at my church!  
My first one ever!
(Just look at her- not me.  I was so sick... I almost missed it.  Boo.)

Tired-eyes mommy, but pretty, pretty daughter!

At the Tea with "Anchee Telly" (Auntie Kelly) and Annie, two of my fav people on EARTH!

I did her hair in these little twists, and I have to say- it turned out really cute!

Roxanne came over and gave her some braids and beads!

And she's cute no matter her hair style.  
(Although I could not get a good pic of her with her braids.  It was fake smile day, I guess.)

Hoping to be less lame in the future... but with SUMMER coming, that may or may not happen.  Welcome SUMMER!!!

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kate said...

she is such a princess! okay, i think maybe we should just go with Ethiopia :) she is gorgeous!

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