Friday, April 24, 2009

So Hard.

Go here. Watch this.

Our lives are so easy and so blessed.


Beautiful Mess said...

THANK YOU! I saw this several weeks ago on a blog and I could not find it again to show my family. This was an answer to prayer!

Heartbreaking! but the hope it stirs! We must act, as the Lord leads!

Thank you again for posting this!

Hannah said...

I'm sobbing...thank you for sharing that. x

Anonymous said...

Hey Gayla,

I just set down to read your email and I clicked on your blog. I was browsing around in total awe at everything you are going through...bless your heart!

I clicked on the Sam and Esther link. Then, Lucia yelled for help. Of course, I am a wonderful mother, so I quickly got up to find out what she needed. At that very moment, Adelina walked into the room, stopped and began to watch the video. Next came Diego then Lucia. When I turned around all 3 of my children were starring at the computer screen watching the video with great intensity. I decided to just set back and see how they reacted. I don't believe I have ever seen all three of my children mesmerized at the same time like that. I am sure it will not surprise you that it was Diego that began with questions immediately after the video ended. Why don't they have clothes, why was he crying, why don't they have anything to eat, where did she get the water and finally...why doesn't someone help them. I told him that you were helping by adopting two children from Ethiopia and by telling people you know about children that don't have all that we have...God Bless You!!!

Selam! G'day! Hello!