Monday, September 12, 2011

Ben's 8th B-Day!

My second son.  
The more serious one.  
The one who likes things to be "just so."  
The one with the infectious laugh.  
The one who is a whiz at math.  
And the one who inherited all the Scandinavian genes, apparently!  
He's the one who turned EIGHT in August!  
We put this on his invitations:

"Ben is turning EIGHT
and I know that he can't WAIT
for you to help him CELEBRATE
so come and swim at SUNGATE!"

Helping to make the "Pool Cake"- same as last year as per his request!

Charlie- protecting the candles from the breeze!

"Get this photo over with so I can eat cake and SWIM!"

Love this boy. 
Feel honored to be his Mommy.


Sohailah said...

TOO CUTE! Wow! 8. You're old.

Sylvia said...

Just wanted to say, You and your blog have been sorely missed!!

Selam! G'day! Hello!