Tuesday, January 27, 2009

blankety blank

Yesterday Jack was looking for something on the top shelf of the kitchen cabinets when suddenly w/o warning he found where i have hidden all his baby teeth. Maybe you think that's gross. Maybe you would want to die of grossness if I told you that I kept both my boy's umbilical cords. Not for future use in cell research, but the part that fell off their belly buttons when they were babies. In a baggie. With the date on it. In my office right now. But I digress...

So Jack holds out his hand w/ 5 or 6 little teeth in it and with a confused look on his face he says, "HEY! Why didn't we put these under my pillow???" Being the quick thinking mom that I am I quickly come up with this: "Um. We. Did." (Feel free to quote me should you find yourself in an hour of need.) And it takes all of a nanosecond for him to go, "So YOU are the tooth fairy???" And once again my ability to think on my feet comes to my aid. "Uhhhhhh... Nnnnnnn.... Welllllll.... Just SHUSH! Ben doesn't know!" Luckily he just laughed. I mean, as long as you get a dollar, who cares if it comes from a magical fairy or a quick thinking mom, right?


Just Mom said...

LOL. I keep my son's baby teeth too. :)

btw ... I told him that the tooth fairy lets me keep his teeth.

re. umbilical cord ... EEEEEEEWWWWWWWW!

Kelly said...

I am laughing. That cracks me up and I love Jacks response, what a cutie.

Karenkool said...

WOW! (not about your toothfairy story--but about you leaving xanga!!!) hahaha.

I've been missing a lot of your news. Now I must catch up. ADOPTION??

los cazadores said...

Hi Gayla, nice to know [of] you! Hopefully you can make it to some our get-togethers in our area and also at The Queen in Oklahoma City. We should exchange info. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment.

Stay safe and warm during this weather,


P.S. "recreational cursing" - lol! I will certainly not be offended.

Heidi Jo said...

first things first...gross to the umbi cords! eww, eww, and eww.

we had a similar situation arise here, because what are you supposed to do with the teeth? anyway, when my children discovered them i simply said without missing a beat..."the tooth fairy sends them in the mail back to the mom's and dad's. because of course we'd want them! and if we kept them you wouldn't get the money!"

it worked.

Kerri said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I had just heard about you from Cindy. We'll have to get together one of these days.

Vickie said...

Welcome to blogger and to the world of adoption! It is quite the journey. To hear that you have embarked on it all is so exciting.

We are still in the process. Due to human trafficking, adoptions are on hold in our little girl's country. She is there, we are here...oh, what a journey. I pray for courage and tenacity.

email me if you want to talk about the journey!


Vickie said...

check this blog out. another family waiting...

Sheri said...

My dd is 8yo and lots of kids at school keep telling her the tooth fairy and others aren't real. I always say, "If they don't believe they won't receive." Not sure it'll continue to work but for now she says, "I'm never gonna stop believing!"

I just can't give up those special parts of childhood.

And I keep their teeth too;) I did finally throw away the umbilical cord.... it started to get moldy. My twins lost theirs in the NICU so I didn't get theirs.

Love your blog! Blessings on your adoption journey... it's a roller coaster but at the end will be the most rewarding and greatest thrill of your life!

Selam! G'day! Hello!